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Monday, December 15, 2014

My target haul!

In September I took a new job, it is exactly what I want to be doing but it is a position in which I earn less than I previously did. This has meant that I have had less money to shop. I love when I am able to find good deals.
Check on my finds from a recent shopping trip.

The pink and white stripped dog sweater was $3 and the proceeds go to the ASPCA. The knee socks were $2.50 each and really help keep my legs warm in the winter months. The Oxfords were under $8 and have replaced tennis shoes when I go casual at work.
Summer modeling her new sweater! So cute!!!
My first day wearing my new shoes.
So it is possible to work with less and still have the occasional opportunity to add to your wardrobe with some items or replace things. Glad I made that impromptu trip to Target!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How I reclaimed my weekends

For some reason I made the decision that weekends were for chores
So without fail every weekend I would guilt myself for not doing enough
Then I realized the weekends are for rest DAMN IT!
Pinterest to the rescue!!!
I created a simple way to keep my home clean/organized and rest on the weekends
This week was my first at using this schedule. I didn't get everything completely done but I have not stress about finishing any more until the next scheduled days.
My weekends are or puppy time, family time, veg'ing out time (Just in time for Every Simpsons Ever), and spending times with friends. Oh and doing my hair, but not for cleaning my place.
Consider the weekend reclaimed!

Monday, August 11, 2014

All men are idiots

Before you get too angry let me explain....this is what an ex-boyfriend of mine told me recently.

We were catching up after years of not speaking to each other. He inquired about my marital status and I told him that I hadn't had much luck in the dating department. I was telling him that I had met many guys who just weren't settled or serious. He suggested that I be patient with finding someone and stated that some idiot would get lucky and land me soon. I replied "I don't want some idiot!" To which he coolly replied..."we are all idiots" until one day we aren't.
Source: Microsoft Word clip art

First I just have to say how good it was to hear him say that
he was pretty idiotic when we dated in college
Then I was like wait what?

For him this magic day happened when he had children and found that material things didn't mean as much as financial security. I have to say that even though this didn't come at a time that benefited me I am really happy for him and the woman he is with now. Every person deserves to see the fruit of their labor and 10 smiles for every tear shed.

So this made me think a bit, should I really be evaluating guys on where they are now or by their potential. Who is to say they won't have that light bulb moment when they are with me?

By no means though do I suggest you stay with a man that treats you poorly waiting on them to "wake up". I take this to mean that those guys who I dated just weren't ready to let go of the idiot training wheels. It really just validated me and removed that "what's wrong with me" thought that plays in the back of my mind.
I feel more confident that the next time things go astray in a relationship that I will be able to just keep moving and pray that  man comes out of his fog for the next woman he is with.
It isn't news to me that men and women develop at different rates, but I really thought by age 29 I wouldn't still be waiting on men to grow up. Cheers to all the idiots out there!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Fat Shaming- Why we can't love ourselves

I was never really worried about or even paid attention to my weight until I made the college dance team. It was then a requirement that we regularly weigh in front of the director and work out constantly. Often girls that did not "look good in the costume" did not make the cut. So for the past 11 years I have been worried about comparing to others in the body sense. Also since that time I have been struggling to control my weight, unsuccessfully I might add.

I believe that for some those two things are not unrelated. When I thought of food as nourishment and an occasional treat I never moved above 115-125. When food became something to control, that was overindulged in by the "fat" people I began to struggle to return to my previous size.

This sort of microscope on other's weight is rampant in the media especially where celebs are concerned. For instance look what is being said about Chris Brown.
Source TMZ
This post from TMZ states that Chris was seen "bravely partying without a shirt on" and was Titled "These Rolls Ain't Loyal" as a spoof to his popular song.

Now don't get me wrong, Chris is by no means "perfect" but I think his body is his concern and not ours. 

If you wanted to find a list of "fat" celebs there is an actual website dedicated to this.

If you search Christina Aguilera google will suggest "Christina Aguilera weight loss"
One article found here displays this picture with the opening line "Now that is beautiful"

They even went as far as to have a doctor estimate how much she weighed in the first picture, how much she weighs now, and how she accomplished this.
Weight is a very personal thing. When there are many people commenting on one's
weight it makes it that much more difficult to actually keep it under control.
I for one am an emotional eater and hearing negative comments about my body only intensifies this...
keeping me further and further away form my goal
I would suggest that part of the reason that we (some of us) struggle with loving ourselves is the constant comparison that we are exposed to. Not only in schools but in sports and media. Think "Who Wore It Best". " Blank's Awesome Post Baby Body" etc.
If you don't love yourself today, you won't love yourself anymore when those 15lbs are gone.
Love  <3

Sunday, July 27, 2014

October 2014 MS walk

Before I know it the next MS walk will be here. I am trying something new to raise funds this year. I am sure you have heard of I am giving this approach a shot. If you have even $1 dollar this would be greatly appreciated in my efforts.
Just as a reminder. I raise funds for MS because I have a friend with MS and I am hoping to find a cure and new treatments for her. If you want to know more about my journey with this read last years blogs about this subject Here, and here.

Thanks in advance!

Donate here

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recipe with Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese

I'm in Love!....with cheese

So for a while now I have been avoiding cheese/dairy products. I have been trying to watch my caloric intake and for a while I was tyring to determine a possible food allergy.
I'm so glad those days are over.
I love cheese and I think I forgot how much.
I was the queen of grilled cheese sandwiches in college.
Enter Sargento Ultra Thin cheese....
I found this lovely recipe on Pinterest and thought I would give it a spin.
Its rather simple....
  1. Low calorie bread
  2. 1-2 slices of Ultra Thin Sargento Cheese
  3. A few slices of avocado
  4. A few ounces of sliced turkey
  5. Spray of olive oil cooking spray
  6. A skillet
  7. A few minutes
  8. Voila yummy turkey, avocado, cheddar grilled cheese sandwich
I used mustard as a dipping sauce and found that I didn't need it with all the flavor this sandwich gave me. Thank you Sargento for bringing cheese back into my life.

The thirst is real!

The thirst

An epidemic that seems to be spreading fast. Where a male or female does anything for a the opposite sex because they are yearning for attention or sex. Only way to be cured is to get what they are desperately needing. Seems incurable tho..
If you are unfamiliar with "the thirst" don't worry so was I until it happened to me.
As you know if you have read me before I have been single for most of the last decade, I sound older when I say that :). This has resulted in more frequent inquires about why I am single, a push from others to go on dates more often, more weddings and couplings of my friends, and an increased feeling of aloneness.
I have always been the type of person to keep a small circle of friends and to keep myself very busy with work, educational attainment, and hobbies. At some point since I moved to a new town and moved away from the familiar my usual methods of keeping my mind occupied have faded away. So when I am home on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night and all of my 5 friends are busy living popping social lives I have too much time to think about how alone I am.
This has resulted in some very desperate things on my part which I have to beg myself forgiveness for. These things have included texting a guy who is obviously not interested in me (evidenced by his no longer calling, skyping, or texting me daily as per usual), calling up random people I associated with that obviously are not thinking of me, and a general perking up when any attractive man appears in my field of vision.
I have to do better.
So this Sunday I did a DIY project to update some new pieces of furniture that I acquired. I realized how much I enjoy creating, painting, and rocking out and singing badly. I also went on a date with a guy I usually would not have. I enjoyed myself and did not think about marrying him (too many times). Hey I'm a work in progress.
I am also doing a bible study regarding Love, Romance, and Marriage and it made me wonder if thirst is necessarily a bad thing. Jesus wants us to love others as he loved us. He wants us to be self sacrificing for the love of others. I don't believe that it is unreasonable to desire to have someone in my life that I want to tell "I love you". While I can see how being thirsty could be a turn off, it is also human nature. If no one loves a child that child will always seek love and have issues relating to others as they grow. If no one loves the dog you bring home you are likely to see many poor behaviors out of fear and a desire to be wanted.
Why then do people shame you for wanting something we are made to desire? Human life is all about building and nurturing relationships. Babies are born from people with relationships. Babies are needed to continue all life (with the exception of those self impregnating creatures out there).
So my plan henceforth is to continue to embrace my thirst, God wants me happy and coupled to give and receive love to the person he created for me. But in my thirst I will not (Okay I will try not to) harm myself in the process, i.e reaching out to old flames, or almost flames, expressing my feelings to someone who is emotional delayed (more than once), or have crazy hopes for someone I barely know.
I will also continue my thirst in regard to professional and educational attainment. I have already learned to love me. I want to learn to love others fully and in a manner befitting a queen.

Happy Tuesday!