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Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I learned from going without

Back in May when I graduated from Graduate school I moved in with my parents in the DFW area. My dad got a house and was super excited about having a "home" again.

A few days ago "home" was less of a joy. My family and I spent about 3 days without the full use of our plumbing. This meant that we could not bathe/shower and could not flush our commodes. I was very upset about this because when you pay a good amount of money to stay in a home, you fully expect to be able to use the facilities.

I'm going to share the embarrassing things I did to get by during this time. I took "sink" baths (my mom has a much more colorful name for these hehe). I went to local businesses to do my "business". So while this was an uncomfortable time for me. I couldn't help but think about those for whom this is a normal thing.

If you have ever lived in Texas in the summer you know that a "wash off" will not cut it. So imagine that you have to go to work, go for an interview, or entertain your friends. The main thing that I noticed was simply not feeling confident and not wanting to get too close to people. I work from home and I didn't feel professional or up to work until I felt clean. I also worried when I had to go into patient's homes that I may not smell my best. I also struggled with the public-ness of having to go to public restrooms.

I only endured this for a few days and I never want this particular problem again. So just imagine that this is your life, and people are complaining about your smell, or running you out of their public restrooms for not being a patron. Imagine people judging you for not having a job, though you have no good place to go prepare yourself for one.

I wanted to share this because it helped me to think of others and their struggle when I experience someone down on their luck. I hope that someone else can also gain something from it as well.


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