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Friday, March 14, 2014

The hope of something new

There are times when things seem to be meant to be or more than a coincidence. There are some people that you meet that just seem like they were supposed to be in your life all along.

I have finally identified what I enjoy most about the first few interactions with a new potential romantic relationship.
How great does it feel that someone sees you and decides that they want you in their life....if only for a short time.
How wonderful is it to have someone actually listen to the story of your life for the first time and want to know more.
It feels even better for that person to then comment that you are a "cool person".
At times you can take the people in your life for granted because it has typically been many moons since they initially decided "Hey I want you to stick around in my life indefinitely". You take for granted that every day/ every interaction they decide that yes they want to keep on knowing you.
I am in awe of the fact that every day a select few people on this earth make the decision to actively foster a relationship with me simply because I am worth of their love and attention.

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