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Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3~ 30 day blogging challenge

Describe Your Relationship with Your Parents


Hmm... I would say that I have a good relationship with my parents overall. My parents are probably my biggest fans in all that I do. My mother especially never thinks that any man is good enough for me, though she really wants me to have a grandchild for her. Which makes a lot of sense (haha mom). My dad is always very positive and philosophical in his conversations with me. He has made a lot of great decisions and changes in his life especially in the the last 6 years. My mom and I often bump heads, probably because it is safe to be my ugly self with her and because she knows me better than anyone in the world.
I think I started out as a momma's girl, especially since my dad was off playing football when I was little bitty. Then around puberty I became a dad's girl and my mom was constantly on my nerves. Still waiting on puberty to stop :) I am sure my mom can chime in if anything I have said needs correction. 

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