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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 14| My Strengths

Describe 5 strengths you have

Weaknesses then strengths eh 30 day challenge? Well as a social worker I should know all about the strengths perspective shouldn't I? I think it is so easy to see weaknesses in yourself and others because that is the nature of society. We focus so much on what is wrong with things or what is not the way we want it, when someone turns the tables on us its disconcerting. I have been thinking about this day's challenge since yesterday and don't feel certain that I have solidified 5 but here goes....
  1. I'm strong. I have experienced the normal hard situations that most people go through as well as some other hard things that are less frequent in my life. I believe that I have been able to do so very well.
  2. I am loyal. I go hard for my friends, supporting them, standing up for them, being an advocate for them. I value friendship very highly and love to find others who have the same value.
  3. I am smart. I feel a little more confident saying this now that I have received my final grades this semester 3.91 in grad school. *blows fingernails and wipes on shirt* I also feel that along with this I am fairly street smart and intuitive. I really trust the feelings I get with no real explanation. Though at times this is clouded by my personal feelings.
  4. I am very self aware when it comes to my feelings. I think I have made great improvements in this area in recent years. I know what I am feeling and why usually.
  5. I'm caring. I love children, animals, and many people (: I will often try to help dogs I see  that are stray, and even cats if they are really in need. I love to smile at children at the store and help them when I can. I have been working with children since my first ever job in high school and I don't foresee this ending if I have anything to say about it.
So as I thought this was difficult for me and I got stuck half way through....gotta work on this. 

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