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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 11| 10 Pet Peeves

Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

  1. When peope drive close behind you and/or creep at stop lights/signs                 This is super annoying to me, especially when I am stationary and they continue to get closer and closer.
  2. When people stand too close behind you in line. Why do this? Ugh!
  3. Rude people in food services/customer services positions. If you don't like people don't work in a job were you come in contact with tons of them.
  4. When people don't respond to your texts but then get upset if you don't respond right away to their messages.
  5. The fact that so much communication with other people is done through text messaging and online programs. I really miss letters and phone calls
  6. Meeting guys online who become uninterested if you won't drive out of town to meet them on the first date. Where did the gentlemen go? Don't they understand how unsafe that is for a woman?
  7. When people tell you that they "keep it 100" or are honest all the time, when that is the opposite of their actual personality. Show don't tell.
  8. When men don't hold the door for you, not necessarily men you know just those you see out in public. I thought we were still doing the whole common decency thing.
  9. To tie in with the above- When people in my apartment complex don't hold the door as I come in after them. Really?!?!
  10. When people use reply all irresponsibly. Know your audience and when this is appropriate. I would say if there are more than three people on the email with you, reply all is not appropriate.

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