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Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 16| 5 Greatest accomplishments

  1. Graduating high school. As I've said before my senior year was a very difficult one for my family. I am impressed that I made it through, maintained a high GPA, and got into college.
  2. Graduating college. College graduation is not the norm for my mom's side of the family and I am proud to be in the minority. I feel that college was the first true test of my intelligence, integrity, and perseverance  
  3. Graduating from graduate school. On Saturday I will obtain my second degree in Social Work. My first year in grad school I worked full time for the state in a stressful position. These past two years have been more stressful than I realized. Leaving my job to finish school was a very difficult decision because I felt secure there. The fact that I made it is great and the fact that I have also maintained a high GPA is icing. 
  4. Dancing on a cruise ship. Two years ago I went on my first cruise, as part of the trip my dance studio performed. It was so awesome, I felt like a real performer dealing with difficult circumstances and still putting on a good show. 
  5. Snorkeling for my 26th birthday. As part of the aforementioned cruise I was able to snorkel, rock climb and do other outdoor sports. I was scared and apprehensive about this since I can't swim and have not done many things up high. I was proud of myself for trying and not becoming too freaked out. 

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