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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1- 30 day blogging challenge|20 random facts

20 random facts about me:

1. I enjoy watching Spongebob and to me its not that kiddie
2. I have rediscovered my love of Sailor Moon and Storm- they are such strong role models, even if Sailor Moon has to be coaxed to live up to her role.
3. I so dislike having waiters, customer service people, etc. mispronounce my name, that I have started giving a fake name to avoid this. Just call me Kim!
4. My dog Summer is often the most annoying part of my day and the best part of my day.
5. I was so nervous I would not pass my licensure exam that I almost had a panic attack on the day of the test.
6. I never have test taking anxiety. (which makes the above super weird).
7. I don't really believe old injures heal, since none of mine seem to have even though I completed physical therapy etc.
8. I have never seen any Star Wars movies, and probably never will since I can't decide where to start. The true beginning of the story or the first movie ever made??
9. I still feel vindicated when guys I liked 20 years ago think I'm cute now. Better late than never.
10. If I am talking to a guy and I mention dance and he never asks me to elaborate or shows any interest, he gets like 3 strikes on the invisible list in my head.
11. I spent days and hours deciding on a wig to buy so I could relax on doing my hair....wore the wig one time.
12. Pet peeve: when people think they know me because they have been in the same room with me a few times.
13. PP: When people constantly try to figure out what my facial expressions mean, and try to tell me to amend it to fit what they think I should be feeling.
14. Music is the love of my life, it connects me to so much. I love how eclectic my music tastes are and sometimes I spend hours looking for new music and listening to old music.
15. I don't like how fickle people can be, but if I have been a good friend to you and you fail me when I need you I'm over you in a second. ~irony
16. When someone condescends to me, calls me a girl (instead of a lady), or says I look young I almost snap. 27 is too old to be treated like a child, and too old to just take it, but not old enough to be thankful that I "look young". I hear this every day and it gets super annoying.
17. I think that if there were fewer adults in the world and more children, I would be 40% happier. :)
18. My work at CPS was more teaching than I thought at the time, I have considered going back more that I am comfortable with.
19. I don't want to move to Dallas, and I don't want to stay here.
20. I find being fashionable to be a task I am not up for, and I am jealous of those who are up for the task.

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