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Monday, August 4, 2014

Fat Shaming- Why we can't love ourselves

I was never really worried about or even paid attention to my weight until I made the college dance team. It was then a requirement that we regularly weigh in front of the director and work out constantly. Often girls that did not "look good in the costume" did not make the cut. So for the past 11 years I have been worried about comparing to others in the body sense. Also since that time I have been struggling to control my weight, unsuccessfully I might add.

I believe that for some those two things are not unrelated. When I thought of food as nourishment and an occasional treat I never moved above 115-125. When food became something to control, that was overindulged in by the "fat" people I began to struggle to return to my previous size.

This sort of microscope on other's weight is rampant in the media especially where celebs are concerned. For instance look what is being said about Chris Brown.

Obviously not Chris Brown (used to avoid Copyright infringement)

This post from TMZ states that Chris was seen "bravely partying without a shirt on" and was Titled "These Rolls Ain't Loyal" as a spoof to his popular song.

Now don't get me wrong, Chris is by no means "perfect" but I think his body is his concern and not ours. 

If you wanted to find a list of "fat" celebs there is an actual website dedicated to this.

If you search Christina Aguilera google will suggest "Christina Aguilera weight loss"
One article found here displays this picture with the opening line "Now that is beautiful"

Source Microsoft Word

They even went as far as to have a doctor estimate how much she weighed in the first picture, how much she weighs now, and how she accomplished this.
Weight is a very personal thing. When there are many people commenting on one's
weight it makes it that much more difficult to actually keep it under control.
I for one am an emotional eater and hearing negative comments about my body only intensifies this...
keeping me further and further away form my goal
I would suggest that part of the reason that we (some of us) struggle with loving ourselves is the constant comparison that we are exposed to. Not only in schools but in sports and media. Think "Who Wore It Best". " Blank's Awesome Post Baby Body" etc.
If you don't love yourself today, you won't love yourself anymore when those 15lbs are gone.
Love  <3

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