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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunny side of single

So often I find myself thinking about the things
I don't like about being single...
I forget at times that there are things I enjoy
or areas in which I have grown as a single woman.
So of course the obvious is that I can come and go as I please..
Not that I go anywhere often but I have become so used to not factoring in another person it really is nice. I can have a random change of plans and the only one upset is me.
I also see that I have grown to be much more independent, I think as an only child and having the other history I do I was always independent. This has only been strengthened by really only doing things on my own. With this romantic love drought (so dramatic I know) I have really come to know myself. I can understand the things I do and what drives them so much better that I used to be able to. I also have a much better idea of who I want in my life and who I don't. Which means I am usually able to weed guys out before dating them, much to my dismay. Sometimes I will feel the need to go back only because I want to have dates. But though this keeps my social calendar empty, it protects me from harmful guys. Which means I have more time for my friends, when they have time for me (hint, hint).
It is so easy for people to see there being two options for singles: chronic daters and the sad/ lonely lot. I know that at times I focus on the lonely aspect of being single, but I like to think of myself as a singleton who is happy with me. Who else is there that knows me this well and can entertain me so efficiently? I mean when was the last time you hurt your own feelings or didn't talk to yourself? :)

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