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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And I'm out

In just a few short days I will again be aboard a Carnival cruise ship on my way to Mexico. Can you say exciting? This trip I am looking forward to relaxing, the last trip was more a work/vacation. My previous dance studio performed and took classes aboard the ship and all of the activities were planned for me without input. So this time I am going with my best friend who is of similar interest and I cannot wait.
I will have to be unplugged, though I know I can do this because I did it before I am unsure of how. I mean my Sims are going to die (the drama). And who will know what I am doing on Facebook? But how important will I feel when I open my inbox on the 9th to find hundreds of emails just for me? :)
I am planning to read, lounge, attend activities, shop and journal. Here at home it is too easy to watch TV, browse the net, talk on the phone, or blog instead of really talking to myself. I often have epiphanies while blogging but they are not as deep as when I simply write my feelings with no regard for other's interpretation. Though I will not be having a true traveling the world moment, I am going for an Eat, Pray, Love type of experience. So wish me luck, anchors up!

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