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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 10| Embarrassing moment

Describe your most embarrassing moment

Well I would say I have had my share of small embarrassments: tripping up the stairs, sliding my feet while walking and jumping forward, and finding out that my pants had ripped in the crotch during a day out.
The one most embarrassing moment of my life has been so for over 14 years. I think it was not all that embarrassing on its own but the context in which it happened really. Picture this ( a la Sophia from Golden Girls) 1999 in the Waco High School gym during drill team tryouts. A 13 year old 8th grader is trying out for her first high school activity. She is showing the other girls how far she can go down in the splits and successfully navigating the social situation. Seconds later she yawns and breaks wind and it is clear to everyone that it was her. For the remainder of her 4 years in high school one of the girls that tried out with her laughs at her daily for having done this. If this happened to me today, no big deal but here I was on the verge of teenager-hood. I was trying to be all grown up and impressive and this was the first thing all of the seniors remembered me for. But it also got me over that hump and broke the ice. I am sure something else more embarrassing has happened to me, but this was the most memorable.
See you tomorrow!

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