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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 7| My dream job

What is my dream job, and why?

Since I was a child my dream job has been to be a singer/dancer/actress. I have always loved performing, as a child I enjoyed singing in the school choir, then I began dancing. Whenever I have been given an opportunity to act, in class or in role plays during my graduate work I have enjoyed this. When I dance I come alive, when I am able to overcome the nerves I feel the most at home in the middle of a performance. 
Now that I am a little older my dreams have changed or been added to. I want to be a clinical social worker providing psychotherapy to those in need, I especially have a passion for children/ families involved in CPS. I feel that therapy can be a great benefit to others and has been helpful to me as well. I would still love to be a performer but due to the choosen profession of mine, it would be inappropriate for me to be some sort of celebrity. I have been looking into becoming a certified Dance/movement therapist so I would be able to join two of my passions. I have not decided how much I want to pursue this since it would mean time away from my home and additional education expenses that would not be eligible for financial aid. 

This was an interesting question at my age I think. As a child/ teen I was often asked this but this question is less frequently asked the older you become. 

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