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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 9| Ten influential people

List 10 people who have influenced you and describe

Blogging challenge
  1. Maya Angelou- when I was in elementary school I did UIL and recited poems. Its so hard to believe that was a part of my life back in the day. I did a poem by Maya Angelou and it was basically about being a strong black woman. I really think that moment in my life influenced how proud I am in my own skin for now.
  2. Selena Quintanilla Perez- She introduced me to musica latina, she inspired me to be a big hearted individual, she inspired me to step out of my shell, and she showed me that being different could be okay (she struggled with being accepted in Mexico because she wasn't a native Spanish speaker, I struggled to be accepted by other black people because I "talked white"). When ever I think of being a good person for some reason Selena is usually my point of reference.
  3. Billie Holiday- my mother loved her and played her music constantly. She was such a beautiful tortured soul. Though she had struggles I hope to never have, she still showed that she could make it for a while out of those struggles. She made such beautiful music and I hear her influence in Amy Winehouse, Adele, Corrine Bailey Rae, and some of the other bluesy artists.
  4. Shirley Temple Black- she was such a cute little  movie star. I was captivated by her dancing and she really pulling you into her stories. I watched her movies every weekend with my mother and it was a big bonding experience for me. When she grew up she worked in philanthropic ways which were also inspiring.
  5. I feel that here it is obvious to mention my parents, but since I wrote about them a few days ago refer to Day 3 Blog
  6. My oldest friend "sister"- My sister and I have truly grown up together. She is a quiet person like myself and like me in many ways. She is also very different from me in many ways. She has been a great example of a true Christian for me for years. She also has a calm and collected way about her. She also makes me want to be a great person like her. She's talented in all of the areas I neglected and lost talent in i.e. Piano playing and singing.
  7. My bestest friend- we have been friends for over ten years now. She is always there when I need her. We talk now almost every day. She really loves life and attacks it. She always makes me more confident in myself since she is always telling me how awesome I am. She also urges me to follow my dreams and nurture my talents.
  8. My professors and classmates at Baylor this past two years- I have been pushed to grow and to share the knowledge I already possess. Hearing that I am great and competent in this area has been great because usually the compliments I get are about my physical body which don't really mean as much to me. I have grown and feel like I can take on the world since I have completed my Master's degree here.
  9. Mary Ryan- She is a social worker who started a scholarship fund. I was one of the first recipients this past year and was able to meet her. She is a vivacious and adventurous person. She jumped from a plane (sky diving) at 70 or 80 years of age and is just ballsy (for lack of a better word). She congratulated me on my success before I even really felt like I had accomplished anything and that meant a lot to me.
  10. My second mother Mrs. Washington- she was a teacher in my high school and I was her office assistance (or whatever that was). She was there for me during my senior year, which was very difficult personally. She always told me that I could do so much and was very supportive. She got sick after graduation due to cancer. She never did stop smoking and really lost weight and some of her liveliness. We kept in touch for quite a while when I left for school and I came to see her when I returned. When I saw how different she looked I couldn't bring myself to go see her again. I felt so bad when she passed away several years later. She was there for me during a difficult time and I wasn't strong enough to do the same. I have just always been afraid of death and don't like to see its grip on those I care about. 

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