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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 8| 5 Passions

What are 5 passions you have?

  1. Dance- I live it and breathe it. I dance in the car, on the way to the kitchen, while walking the dog. I choreograph in the car, in the hall, in the shower. I can even choreograph sitting in class or a meeting. Dance to me is necessary, as necessary as music.
  2. Music- I find that there is always a song to fit your mood. To me there is something so special about that. I love how popping in a CD from a few years back can bring back memories from that time, its such a nostalgic time for me.
  3. Social work- I love my chosen profession, I love growing in the field and learning more. Though I struggled to complete some assignments due to my resistance due to fear of failure, each and everyone was an accomplishment that taught me something. As an introvert it was so difficult to picture myself effectively providing a presentation to other professionals. But I did it and rather successfully I would say.
  4. Working with children- I have always loved children since I was old enough to be older than some children. I enjoy working with children from a social work and dance prospective. At times working with children can be frustrating, but overall they teach you so much. I think when you are aware that you are learning from them you get more out of it than trying to teach them something.
  5. Education- in the form of book learning as well as life learning. I love to learn new things and put those things to use. I also love those moments when something I learned years ago becomes a needed piece of knowledge from me to pull from. 

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