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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recipe with Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese

I'm in Love!....with cheese

So for a while now I have been avoiding cheese/dairy products. I have been trying to watch my caloric intake and for a while I was tyring to determine a possible food allergy.
I'm so glad those days are over.
I love cheese and I think I forgot how much.
I was the queen of grilled cheese sandwiches in college.
Enter Sargento Ultra Thin cheese....
I found this lovely recipe on Pinterest and thought I would give it a spin.
Its rather simple....
  1. Low calorie bread
  2. 1-2 slices of Ultra Thin Sargento Cheese
  3. A few slices of avocado
  4. A few ounces of sliced turkey
  5. Spray of olive oil cooking spray
  6. A skillet
  7. A few minutes
  8. Voila yummy turkey, avocado, cheddar grilled cheese sandwich
I used mustard as a dipping sauce and found that I didn't need it with all the flavor this sandwich gave me. Thank you Sargento for bringing cheese back into my life.

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