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Monday, October 8, 2012

How important are numbers?

How important are numbers to you?
I have been thinking about perception a lot this week. I have discovered that from different points of view miscommunication can take place and cripple a relationship. I also had a very silly, vain moment this week when I did my weigh in. I may be sharing too much in this moment but...I make it a point to look at myself pre-shower (unclothed) and look for the positives, self affirm etc. So after I weighed in I looked at myself again and saw so many more positives. All based on the fact that I weighed less than last week.
Though it is great that I am losing weight, which is my goal, its not great that I thought I looked better because I weighed less. Why did that extra pound make such a difference? Because I value numbers.
I have also heard people say that you should know someones credit score before dating/marrying. Though this is a good thing to know I wonder how many good men/women have been passed over because they are 20 pounds too heavy or small. Or because they didn't make enough money, had a bad credit score etc. I know that I have factored in a man's size when considering if I should date him, and I regret it.
I mean my ultimate goal is to find someone to share my life with. Does that mean that he should be numerically perfect for me or perfect for me in the ways that matter?

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