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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Summer Chronicles: Part 1

So my Summer is a rambunctious, active dog usually. She is often skittish with new people so I was fairly worried when she was supposed to meet my new boyfriend. When she simply smelled him and then went on as if she had known him a while I took it as a good sign. .When I left her alone with him I was still a little worried, when I arrived to find her asleep I thought all was well. That is until I saw the vomit on the floor next to her. .The rest of the night continued like this with her sleeping and waking up to  vomit. And the same the following day, so I decided to take her to the vet. He scared me a little with the possible X-ray and surgery thing. So when in two days she seemed to be her old self I was excited.
The new problem now? The doctor told me to give her chicken the first day after the visit and now she won't eat her own food. ugh So she has been starving herself holding out for something better. This on top of the four days she was unable to keep any food down. So I have resorted to mixing her  dry food with some wet, and so far so good. But when it is finished we will just start our food stand off.
The other issue with my Summer Love is... since my week long cruise, she refuses to sleep in her kennel. She wants  to sleep in my room preferably on my bed, though she will accept a place  next to my bed. If I insist she sleep in her kennel she will whine all night, and that is no exaggeration.... ugh I am going to try making her sleep in her kennel for at least a week and hope that she remembers this was the way it had been with no issue for 3 months.
It must be love because if anything else prevented me from sleeping it would have to go.
She has also been attached to my hip even more than usual since I returned, though I can understand why it is ever so slightly annoying :)

So cute when she sleeps, which is most of the day

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