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Friday, March 2, 2012

Peaceful living in the technology age an oxymoron?

During a visit to a local nail salon today I noticed a few weird occurrences. One woman was talking loudly on her bluetooth device while walking around the salon ignoring the manicurist who was trying to assist her, another was on a call while having her nails done and when she could no longer operate the phone asked the manicurist to do so for her. Seeing this yet another woman in the salon made a call and talked loudly for a few minutes, during this conversation the topic was what Facebook page picture she had displayed (she could not remember). Maybe I am the only one who views nail/hair salons and spas as peaceful areas but I just can't believe this. I typically silence my phone, try to forget it exists and only text to facilitate other's resting. I have also noticed other people having phone conversations in the spa and wonder when phones will be sewn to our heads so that we really never have to be away from them.

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