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Monday, May 7, 2012

Facebook confessional

Am I the only one that has been privileged enough to experience a Facebook confessional? On more than one occasion I have been on Facebook chat late an night and had someone that I hardly know start a conversation with me. The conversations always start out as catching up, meaningless chatter sort of thing then progress to something more. A random over sharing moment that is shocking in some way. Sometimes it is less shocking such as I had a huge crush on you in high school. Other times it is down right awkward i.e. I was the victim of infidelity and now hate the opposite sex.
This all makes me wonder: are we so starved for contact with others that we use Facebook as an intimate form of communication with others? Personally I often feel quite lonely even though there is always someone to chat with or send a text message to. I miss the personal touch of calling someone on the land line. There was much less of a chance that they were busy back in those days. I also miss talking face to face with people more often than talking to them on the phone.
Though I am glad to be someone that people feel comfortable sharing with, I am still on the fence about Facebook confessionals. Though I am sure on one lonely night it will be me over sharing to someone I barely knew 10 years ago in high school.....

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