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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Songs/poems from the past

I found a few poems/songs that I wrote as an adolescent. I don't know how good they are but hey I was a teen/preteen so don't judge me *smile.

"Living a normal life, ain't that normal."- dancer.s

"When things don't go your way what do ya do? Do ya cry all day? Oh no, no not me. Oh no, no not me. La la la la Oh yeah I cry. Oh yeah I die but, am I alone?" - dancer.s

"Do you ever just sit and look out the window at the cars as they go by? Do you ever wonder if you're along? Sometimes I wonder if I'm alone. Pause Am I alone? Are you alone? Are we alone? No, no, no we're not alone. Repeat We have each other."- dancer.s

"Shield your face children hide it away. I don't want 'cha to see what's goin' on today, this world we live in just ain't right. It seems that everyone wants to pick a fight. (Apparently this was the spoken word or rap part next) Yo, yo, yo I wanna change the tempo a little bit. Come on, come on let's change the world people. Lets change the world people."- dancer.s

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