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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My best birthday gift so far....

This birthday as I approached my 27th year on earth and a change in my work schedule, I decided I finally felt ready to bring a new being into my life. My mother had become aware of a rescue dog around this time and I did some Pre-placement visits and an overnight with the doggy. Hey what can I say? I'm a social worker and former adoption prep worker, it only seemed right :)
So on the day of my birth August 9th I brought her home.....It has been a big adjustment but I am very glad I did it. I named her Summer because she came to live with me in the summer time and she is a mix so she is summa this summa that :) as my parents always used to say. It really is like having a child but it is nice to have a companion that is not has fickle as men , at least some of the mean I have dated. I am enjoying watching her learn what I am attempting to teach her and learning not to take life so seriously. Case in point she has no socialization outside of her "pack" and whines and barks like a crazy thing when in public. She is also forcing me out of my routine because to combat this I have to take her out and about much more.
Below are some adorable pictures of my new baby:

Us on my birthday

She loves a good belly rub

 My mother took her outside and brought her back in the recycling tin. Summer is a ham!

She was playing ball, it fell in her food and then she decided to just eat around it

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