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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My first Birchbox!

So I have wanted a Curlbox for a while now, but the list is always too long. Also I am not quite sold on the price. While searching for other similar products I came upon the Birchbox site. It is the same premise though it offers beauty products in general. Once I was in for membership it did ask me some questions about my hair type so I am crossing my fingers that at some point I will also receive some hair care items. Below is a picture of the outside of the box
And when I opened the lovely box......I discovered I was in school for beauty as well

Inside my box were a perfume sample of Viva La Juicy La Fleur (Juicy Couture), Q-tips that have nail polish remover in them( Super handy), a full size Brightening facial cleanser by DDF, Pomegranate body butter by Whish, and a Shick razor with built in shave gel. I have tried everything but the Q-tips because I haven't done a pedicure or manicure yet, but I know they are great because I have had a similar product before. I love how the body butter and La Fluer seem to compliment each other and feel this was a good decision on my part. Take that exclusive Curl box haha. Just kidding I want a subscription with you too!

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