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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boxed in

In life we often encounter boxes, by this I mean preconceived notions that others have of us. Not only those but the limits that we place on ourselves based on our self esteem.
My boxes are shy, innocent, goody two shoes, loner, mean etc.
I don't feel that I really personify any of these but give of the appearance of them at times. I have often utilized many tools to keep people at arms length such as being mean to guys that I am afraid to open up to, playing innocent so that I am not judged negatively for my mis-steps and seeming shy because I don't feel that everyone should be privy to the real me.
I wonder at times why I do these things and why I allow others beliefs about me to actually leak into my self concept. I am quiet at times, loud at others, morally driven but a sinner nonetheless, a great and loyal friend and so nice that at times I give too much of myself to those I love.
I challenge everyone to live up to the greatest you, you can be and to not live in any box you don't like. Instead of arguing with those who tell you who you are show them by surprising them with your actions. This is also my challenge to myself and I can't wait to see the change that it will have on my own self concept.

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