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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The major events of my life 2012

At the end of a year it is normal to hear others talk about how important the past year was.
This has never been more true for me, at least not that I can remember

Gainfully employed to broke college student
This past year I went from a full time state employee to a full time student with an internship, and part time work responsibilities. I struggled so hard with the decision to leave my full time employment, trying to convince myself that I could do what others could not. Work full time while completing internship hours of 32 hours weekly. I was worried about my bills and lack of health insurance. I am so enjoying being in school without feeling torn toward work and vice versa. I am also enjoying getting into other fields and out of my former comfort zone. I have found that I really enjoy my part time work, I am able to help the same population as I previously worked with, but in a short term low stress way. Luckily the Lord has seen fit to provide for me during this time and finances have not been a problem.

Single to Happily off the market
I also went from being single and unhappy about it, single and adjusting to it, and finally unsingle and weirded out by it. I had been single for 5 years and had just been thinking that even though I thought I wanted to be in a committed relationship, I may not be able to transition for an independent single woman to a woman that did release some control within a relationship. So when I suddenly became unsingle I was totally unprepared. I could not get over the "weirdness" of going away for a week single and coming back in a relationship. I think now it is no longer as weird and I am allowing myself to feel excited, though for me with that automatically comes the whole "well what does this mean?" I am fighting this evil question away daily now.

Dancer to disillusioned dance teacher

Just a few months ago I was still dancing and teaching at the studio I had been with for the past 5 years. When I left my full time employment I was no longer able to afford the expense of continuing to take dance classes. Around this time I was also offered a position teaching at another studio with more class opportunities. I left the other studio to accept this position. At first I was bursting with excitement for this opportunity and then I started to feel the first signs of regret. I had neglected to factor in how much I would miss the familiar and those that I had left. I then ran into issues with students not wanting to learn, which was something I experienced at the previous location as well. As I started to feel that I had made the wrong decision or no longer wanted to teach, I realized that the majority of my issues with the move were centered around the fact that I missed dancing myself. Being a dancer is my passion, teaching for me is fun but without the passion I felt ruled by the emotions of the students I taught.

Pet parent of one- Pet parent of two - Pet parent of one
I started out this year the proud, pet parent of a bird named Daizy. For years I had wanted to bring a dog into my home. I even had a dog for about a week five years ago, that needed more than I could give. As I was leaving my full time employment I felt that I would have more time for a dog. For about a month I did some visits with a puppy because I know that a puppy can seem cute for a short period of time and move in and change. On my birthday I brought her into my home and had two wonderful pets. As I adjusted to my new doggie, I noticed that my bird was not quite herself. Though she really hadn't been since my move into a new apartment. She seemed to be bouncing back when out of nowhere she died. I am again a one pet home. My dog Summer continues to make herself at home and improve. I have learned from her to be more flexible and loving. Though I still miss my Daizy bird.

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