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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Summer Chronicles: Part 2

My lovely Summer has made some improvements since my last post. She is able to sleep outside of her kennel now; well technically she starts off in her kennel then works her way to a blanket next to my bed then by the time I awaken she is on the bed with me. I am mostly just glad that she does not have any accidents all night.
She has also become a pro at riding in the car with me. Our first few months were rough, with me trying several methods to keep the both of us safe while I was driving. My mother gave me an old car seat of her dog Foxy and it has worked. It took her a while to adjust to not being able to get in my lap but now she has no issues.

I have started working out at home again recently and this is still a confusing time for summer. She doesn't understand what I am doing or why she can't get in my lap or face during the floor work. See her pictures below; and don't let the puppy eyes fool you :)

Here she is helping me with my video for Youtube

Here she is helping me workout

My riding partner!

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