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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Personalized hand made gift

I love crafting but I struggle at time to make things others like.

Each year I think long and hard about what to get for my grandmothers. This year I happened about a gift idea on and then found a great bible quote that fit them. I used foam core board, colorful tissue paper, recycled a dog calender, some scrapbook paper, scissors, stencils, and craft glue. I traced all the letters, then cut them out (this step took so much longer than I thought it would), I then outlined the board with the tissue paper. I used the craft glue to affix the letters.

To make sure things lined up right I started placing the letters at the bottom and from the last letter first. I worked my way up until I was complete. Once framed I think this is a gift that my grandmother's will enjoy displaying and I was glad to make. Hopefully this will be a win win.

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